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Top 14 Delicious Restaurants in Vallejo, CA — Top EAT Places!


Vallejo has a name after Wide Vallejo and its sister city, Benicia, after his perfect partner.

The two have celebrated pasts, from Benicia’s outstanding guideline keeping away from uncovered knuckle battles on stream impacts during the 1800s to Vallejo’s Mare Island atomic submarine creation.

Vallejo is the passage to wine country, with Napa Valley and Sonoma on an exceptionally fundamental step up the street, 25 minutes away.

The Stream District has different and sublime restaurants in Vallejo. While Vallejo may not be the significant spot that jumps into your head while wandering in fairyland about Stream District cooking, the city is home to a couple of heavenly commitments. Here are splendid.

Rundown of the 14 best restaurants in Vallejo

Oblige me as I research the best restaurants in Vallejo, California.

1. Yo Sushi

Sushi restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 114 Robles Way, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Phone: +1 707-647-1100

Sushi is a staple in the Straight District food scene, and Yo Sushi is #1 among neighborhood people around the Vallejo locale.

Vallejo’s Yo Sushi has an open inside with far-over seating in no way, shape, or form like its enamored boss district concerning abutting Fairfield.

The especially regarded menu offers a massive area of sushi rolls and a fair concordance of different dishes that have taken new life into commonplace Japanese food.

While there are tremendous choices for sushi around the Sound Locale, Yo Sushi attempts to be an exceptionally eminent and fulfilling decision.

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2. PHO1 Noodle House

Vietnamese restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 3885 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-553-9859

Nothing warms you up strikingly like a steaming bowl of noodles. Pho has become a remarkable dinner among Cove Locale region people, and hardly any shows improvement over Vallejo’s PHO1 Noodle House.

Despite the namesake dish, this one of the restaurants in Vallejo offers different choices from finished fish cakes to barbecued burgers, nearby an inconceivable confirmation of chilled and milk teas.

Considered by neighborhood people to serve the best Pho nearby, PHO1 attempts to fulfill your noodle hankering.

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3. Bangkok Island Thai Fusion

Thai restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 153 Plaza Dr, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Phone: +1 707-552-1899

The prominent kinds of Thai cooking draw in various clients.

Welcome your family with you to see the worth of cooked chicken, Thai meat, and fish soup. Different guests come to organize unprecedented mango slight rice.

Get your dinner rolling with luscious Thai chilled tea, iced tea, or chilled espresso.

This restaurant is perfect for individuals who eat in a rush as they can sort out food.

The scorching staff shows a raised degree of essential worth at Bangkok Island Thai Fusion. As indicated by the specialists’ points of view, costs are typical.

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4. House of Soul

Family restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 1526 Solano Ave, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-644-3792

You can emphatically degust bewildering seared chicken, chicken steaks, and pork cuts at this one of the best restaurants in Vallejo.

Alluding to a glorious peach shoemaker, pound cakes and waffles are what different guests suggest. Come here and endeavor radiant iced tea or incomprehensible lemonade.

House of Soul with epic point dishes is perfect for those clients who like to eat in a rush.

Different visitors underline that the staff is creative at this spot. Down-to-earth help is something visitors regard here.

This spot gives food at tasteful costs.

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5. L&L Hawaiian BBQ

Hawaiian restaurant in Vallejo, CA
[See Map]
Address: 4300 Sonoma Blvd 724 & 732, Vallejo, CA 94589, United States
Phone: +1 707-648-0315

It doesn’t get broadly more colossal than Hawaiian food. L&L Hawaiian bar-b-que in Vallejo offers a consumed, astonishing confirmation that will leave you grinning starting with one ear and then onto the going.

In clear Hawaiian style, the pieces are endlessly satisfactory.

You’ll find all that you would anticipate on the menu, from liberal musubi to incredible and filling chicken katsu.

Getting through essentially immediately that you’re in the viewpoint for island food along honorably and regarded passably, L&L Hawaiian BBQ looking at.

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6. Mi Jalisco Restaurante

Mexican restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 1400 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-652-5259

Taste Mexican cooking here. Welcome your partners with you and worth sublime steak tacos, bean stew, and corn tortillas.

Drink unprecedented michelada, wine, or blend, a sure need while visiting this one of the best restaurants in Vallejo. Get your dinner going with astonishing horchata.

Mi Jalisco Restaurant with focus point dishes is reasonable for those visitors who like to eat in a rush.

Specialists are obliging, which makes this spot so enchanting. Costs are low for the quality you get.

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7. Bag O’ Crab

Best Restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 165 Plaza Dr #701, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Phone: +1 707-654-1954

You can find Cajun and Creole cooking styles. Cooks at this restaurant are put forward to give visitors delightful crab legs, mussels, and burned fish.

If restless, come here for good frozen yogurt. Bag O’ Crab will offer you a fabulous blend.

Take the necessary steps not to wreck the significant chance to drink superb lemonade or phenomenal juice.

This spot is striking for its assistance and staff, prepared to help you.

You will like the cost. At this spot, individuals can enjoy the astonishing environment and stunning style.

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8. Napoli Pizzeria & Italian Food

Pizza restaurant
[See Map]
Address: 124 Tennessee St, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-644-0981

A warm, composed pizza with new plans makes for a persuading feast whenever of day. Napoli’s Pizza Shop is a nearby accomplishment.

One of the best restaurants in Vallejo offers grant-winning, hand-threw pizza cooked in a block broiler, nearby meatballs, wings, super-obliging help, and a standing that legitimizes itself.

If you’re up for a phenomenal pizza in a warm and welcoming climate, go no further than Vallejo’s Napoli Pizza Place.

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9. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 1176 Admiral Callaghan Ln, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Phone: +1 707-648-0431

The recipe for the progress of Olive Garden is its glorious cheesecakes. Try Marsala, Sangria, or not very lavish wine.

A procedure of wonderful lemonade or mind-blowing espresso is for guests.

Welcome your assistants to this spot with superb air. The staff is what makes this spot.

Visitors notice that the help is fine here. You will complete low costs for dishes.

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10. Taj Grill

Indian restaurant in Vallejo, CA
[See Map]
Address: 758 Admiral Callaghan Ln, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Phone: +1 707-644-4902

Taj Grill offers an Indian eating experience that feels both gigantic and free.

You can sit where you like and examine a collection of conventional Indian dishes, including veggie darling choices.

The help is inviting and careful, and the foundation offers an assortment of meat choices, making it one of the essentially Indian restaurants nearby to do in that confine.

If you’re in the viewpoint for some detonating, a ton of composed Indian food, whether you want to take off from the house, Taj Barbecue conveys (according to a veritable point of view!).

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11. Szechuan Chinese Cuisine

Chinese restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 2079 Solano Ave, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-554-4657

Getting through immediately that requiring heavenly Chinese, Vallejo may not be the significant city that rings a bell.

In a while, Vallejo’s Szechuan Chinese Cuisine offers a substitute party of restaurants in Vallejo at a fair cost.

Outstanding among neighborhood people and irrefutable for its inconceivable help, Szechuan contains various dishes from mouth-watering to hot, for example, honey pecan prawns and hot and savage soup.

There are such limitless Chinese restaurants to investigate around the area, yet Szechuan figures out a respectable technique for having an effect.

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12. Rinconcito Salvadoreño

[See Map]
Address: 2200 Redwood St, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-652-2968

At the point when invigorated, come here for faultlessly cooked pupusas, bun cha, and chicken soup.

Various individuals visit this restaurant to endeavor astounding cooked bananas. Tasty horchata merits an undertaking here.

Rinconcito Salvadoreno is phenomenal for its striking assistance and captivating staff, prepared to help you.

This spot offers you communication with costs for flavorful dinners.

The style and charming climate let visitors feel loosened up here.

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13. Michael Warring

Fine dining restaurant in Vallejo, CA
[See Map]
Address: 8300 Bennington Dr, Vallejo, CA 94591, United States
Phone: +1 707-655-4808

Michael Warring is an outrageous foundation that offers an individual and creative culinary experience.

The restaurant has just sixteen seats and one seating at 6:00 p.m., making it a convincing development.

The master showed power, Michael Attracting, is fundamentally a limited show with the vaporous help of one server. The affinity is rich yet not unequivocal. The dress rule is obliging.

The inside plan is expeditious, with seats and tables, yet the thought is on the open kitchen where visitors can watch the culinary master set up the six courses for the evening.

The prix-fixe menu highlights perplexing dishes, for example, smoked maitake mushrooms, sea trout, duck confit, and apple sorbet.

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14. Zio Fraedo’s of Vallejo

 Italian restaurant in Vallejo, California
[See Map]
Address: 23 Harbor Way, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States
Phone: +1 707-642-8984

Zio Fraedo’s is an upscale restaurant with phenomenal food and a waterfront view.

Accepting for a moment that requires commendable Italian dishes like Veal Scallopini Marsala, or you’re searching for various decisions like Chinese Chicken or Bratwurst, this establishment means to please.

Zio Fraedo’s is one of the best restaurants in Vallejo to take friends and family for remarkable occasions.

Having something for everybody is sure.

With a first-rate region, an unprecedented eating environment, and an exceptional wine list, Zio Fraedo’s visiting if you’re ever near.

Maps of Delicious Restaurants in Vallejo, California

Final Words

Picking the right restaurants in Vallejo to eat at can be sorted out, especially when you should see another.

Furthermore, like any making travel fair, this town is with eating decisions to satisfy every impression of taste.

Require your one-evening beginning to a level with the best and trendiest restaurants in Vallejo.

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