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Top 11 Delicious Restaurants in Bremerton, WA — Top Places!


If you live in or regularly visit Bremerton, Washington, you comprehend what a remarkable little city it is.

With a population of around 41,000, it’s the best city on the Kitsap Promontory and is a doorway to the supernatural occurrences of the Olympic Landmass, including Olympic Public Park.

There are many restaurants in Bremerton where you’ll have to get some food.

A piece of Bremerton’s tenants work across the sound in Seattle and take deliveries all over to work consistently.

Concerning ordinary greatness, this piece of the country and the state is shocking.

Whether living in, visiting, or going through Bremerton, you’ll see people as pleasing and welcoming. 

Delicious Restaurants in Bremerton, WA

Despite exceptional public spaces, pleasant individuals, and shocking points of view,

Bremerton similarly has a couple of mind-boggling diners.

Detail of the 11 BEST Restaurants in Bremerton

Accepting you’re enthused about learning about the best restaurants in Bremerton, read on. There’s something for everyone around here.

1. El Balcon 

Salvadoran restaurants in Bremerton for Couples
[See Map]
Address: 190 Pacific Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337, United States
Phone: +1 360-813-1617

Numerous people contemplate El Balcon as among the very best restaurants in Bremerton.

This opening in the wall is guaranteed and worked by a couple of really enchanting people, and the menu offers something for everyone.

Areas of interest

El Balcon is Salvadorian, but they offer Mexican cooking, and their menu integrates different veggie darling decisions.

The different tortas here are there, yet their specialty is pupusas.

If you’ve never had a pupusa, this is an unprecedented spot to endeavor your first.

This Salvadorian specialty is genuinely like a calzone, yet shockingly better.

Have one at El Balcon, and you’ll be cheerful you did. Know that El Balcon is closed on Sundays.

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2. Cafe Kai 

Cafe in Bremerton for Couples
[See Map]
Address: 2518 Wheaton Way, Bremerton, WA 98310, United States
Phone: +1 360-627-8755

The Pacific Northwest is more like Hawaii than those who haven’t visited both could comprehend.

Cafe Kai is among the top restaurants in Bremerton that brings an amount of the Salud State to the Evergreen State with its food.

Areas of interest

You’ll be astounded at how these individuals can oversee Spam and all of their musubis, in all cases, are astonishing.

They offer an extent of exceptionally pre-arranged coffees that will illuminate even the rainiest day.

This bistro is an unprecedented spot for lunch with a sidekick, yet guarantee before going they’re open.

Their hours are usually ten to three, and they are closed Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

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3. Hi-Lo’s fifteenth street cafe

Romantic Couples in Bremerton for couples
[See Map]
Address: 2720 15th St, Bremerton, WA 98312, United States
Phone: +1 360-373-7833

Expecting that you’re looking for the best breakfast in one of the restaurants in Bremerton, you’ll find it at Greetings Lo’s fifteenth Road Bistro.

The food is there, yet the air and much-arranged help keep people returning time.

Areas of interest

Owners Heidi and Lowell know an enormous number of intermittent clients by name.

There is a line to get in, but the reserve is worth the work.

There are a lot of dishes here that are renowned by visitors.

 It’s challenging to determine what to recommend, yet the Moon Bread rolls and Sauce, the Green Eggs and Ham, and the fifteenth Road Exceptional are tremendous gathering pleasers; paying little mind to what you demand, in any case, you can’t end up being terrible.

You’ll be eager to see Hi-Lo’s sensible expenses.

You’ll continually leave merrily by the staff’s ways of saying goodbye.

4. 4 Sisters Pho

Vietnamese restaurant in Bremerton for Couples
[See Map]
Address: 1600 NE Roseway Ln, Bremerton, WA 98311, United States
Phone: +1 360-813-1254

There is a great deal and outrageous contention for unrivaled grade, flawlessly coordinated Asian food in the Pacific Northwest, so it takes a restaurant to wind up as the champ.

4 Sisters is one of the top restaurants in Bremerton.

Areas of interest

It addresses extensive experts in Vietnamese food, and each dish is of its sort.

Their pad thai, Bahn mi sandwiches and all their different phos are heavenly and noteworthy.

Expecting you love Vietnamese food, you’ll revere this spot.

5. Noah’s Ark

Family restaurants in Bremerton
[See Map]
Address: 1516 6th St, Bremerton, WA 98337, United States
Phone: +1 360-377-8100

This particularly named close-by area of interest goes with two animals out front, a gorilla and an elephant — figures.

Noah’s Ark is among the best romantic restaurants in Bremerton that offer bistro-style food at a spending plan cost and a pleasant air that makes every client feel calm.

That is because this Bremerton bistro is family-guaranteed, but don’t permit its unassuming beginning stages to hoodwink you.

Areas of interest

Noah’s Ark may be of the best quality diner in its area.

The menu integrates burgers, praiseworthy shop sandwiches, seared onion rings, a wide assortment of shakes, and other lunch and dinner decisions to peruse, making it the best stop for anyone.

What was once a restaurant opened suddenly in 1974 and has become one of the head protests in Kitsap District to plunk down for a splendid banquet. Noah’s Ark irrefutably won’t sink your suppositions.

6. The Curry Indian Cuisine & Lounge

Indian restaurant in Bremerton
[See Map]
Address: 221 Washington Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337, United States
Phone: +1 360-627-8661

If you’re looking for staggering veggie lover Indian cooking, 

The Curry Indian Cuisine & Lounge is among the restaurants in Bremerton that are appropriate for your lunch and dinner.

For your savage mates, they serve different Indian dishes with meat.

Areas of interest

In all honesty, notwithstanding the way this is one of the restaurants in Bremerton, this may be one of the best Indian restaurants you have visited.

The staff is friendly and careful and does all that could be within reach to get your supper spot on, and somehow wins concerning adding the exact right proportion of zing for each ally’s inclinations.

Make an effort not to miss this spot; after one visit, you’ll verifiably need to return for more.

7. Ax and Arrow Gastropub

American restaurant in Bremerton for Couples
[See Map]
Address: 232 4th St, Bremerton, WA 98337, United States
Phone: +1 360-813-1514

Right when you’re in Bremerton, and you wind up yearning for killer bar food, then the Hatchet and Bolt Gastropub is where you should go.

Areas of interest

This spot serves unfathomable burgers and faultlessly cooked fish dishes, and they go down perfectly by some unimaginable close-by mix.

Further, the menu offers a couple of enticing canapés, gigantic parceled courses, and different captivating desserts.

Endeavor the cheesecake for the best completion to an optimal blowout.

8. Suzy’s Kitchen

Awesome Delicious Restaurants in Bremerton
[See Map]
Address: 2665 6th St, Bremerton, WA 98312, United States
Phone: +1 360-373-3368

If you love Korean food, you will appreciate Suzy’s kitchen.

This spot is among the restaurants in Bremerton piece of pretty much nothing, but that is for its potential benefit; while devouring here, you truly feel like you are eating in Suzy’s home, and the kind disposition you will get is fundamental.

Areas of interest

Suzy’s has the best bibimbap close by, and the chilled Korean coffee is flavorful and stimulating.

All that here is new, and you’ll be fascinated by each attack you take.

After eating, you’re close to our area in Silverdale, and we’d need to help you pick a delightful post-early afternoon treat!

9. Tony’s Pizza

Pizza restaurant in Bremerton, WA
[See Map]
Address: 4908 Kitsap Way, Bremerton, WA 98312, United States
Phone: +1 360-479-9117

Everyone loves pizza, yet Tony’s is astounding concerning Washington pizzerias.

Offering more than praiseworthy enhancements like pepperoni and frank, Tony’s has a broad menu of pizza possibilities from four-cheddar feast to their “grande carte” pizza campaigned in meats.

Areas of interest

When the body high hits your stomach, there’s no spot else you’ll be near Tony’s pizza.

After more than 50 years in business, Tony’s saves a representing quality that makes tenants of Bremerton enduring and needs to an ever-increasing extent.

Tony’s is one of the most renowned restaurants in Bremerton, yet you can unwind — regardless of the way that Tony’s is well known, the expenses won’t break your bank.

10. Family Pancake House

Family restaurants in Bremerton
[See Map]
Address: 3900 Kitsap Way, Bremerton, WA 98312, United States
Phone: +1 360-479-2422

Breakfast is here, but it’s shockingly better after a stuffed bowl. 

Family Pancake House, a staple of restaurants in Bremerton, offers dumbfounding breakfast companies and more at whatever point of the day, making it a go-to objective for those hotcakes, eggs, and bacon hankerings we all in all get from time to time.

Areas of interest

Had and functioned as a secretly run organization starting around 1966, Family Hotcake House uses new, secretly made trimmings and makes each dining experience without planning for your fulfillment.

But 24-hour hotcake foundations could have all the earmarks of being connected with when you essentially need some comfort food,

Family Flapjack House increments present assumptions on breakfast food in a way you will not want to miss.

Coordinate your morning feast with a nice Sativa or cross variety, and your mind will move to an inconceivable space of magnificence.

11. Boat Shed restaurant

Restaurants in Bremerton, WA
[See Map]
Address: 101 Shore Dr, Bremerton, WA 98310, United States
Phone: +1 360-377-2600

Taking advantage of the superb Puget Sound scene, Boat Shed sits on the water, offering its clients both a cornucopia of menu decisions and a helping viewpoint on the marina as the sea with coursing claims to an intriguing environment that invigorates the resources.

Areas of interest

Investigate new fish, delectable sandwiches, pasta, and significantly more as you participate in the traces of the ocean on the diner deck amidst unrecorded music from adjacent entertainers.

Boat Shed is the best spot to take a social event of sidekicks after a result at home with a joint or a bowl to foster your longing.

Final words

Bremerton has a smidgen of everything except such an extraordinary arrangement it is so superb.

Again, whether you are a close-by occupant or a visitor going through, we need to accept that you track down all of Bremerton as gorgeous as we do.

We trust you’ll participate in these, the best restaurants in Bremerton, and that you’ll come around and see them at Stone Fume after your banquet.

Kathie is a couples blog writer and award-winning blogger. She writes restaurants for couples blogs along with the great outdoors, music festivals, unique eating places and experiences around the world.